About Me

Welcome to my personal website, you can learn some quick things about me down below.


I currently live in Herne, Germany. I am studying Applied Computer Science in Dortmund and working for a local business there.


At work I currently develop different things (mostly PHP/HMTL/JS), but I also like to develop small games in my free time. I like to experiment with different technologies too.


I like to play games in my free time. I mostly love playing Strategy and Simulation Games, but also play Coop games with my friends.

Social Media

You can follow me on Twitter for the latest updates. I also have a Github Account, where you can find most of my code.

Current Projects

These are the projects I am currently working on. I only list 2 on here - there might be more, like a quick Ludum Dare Game or something not yet worth listing here.

Tower Power

Tower Power HTML5

I decided to keep developing my Ludum Dare game Tower Power, because there are many things to fix and improve. Instead of Java, I will use HTML5 though.

Tower Power

This Website

Although it is already online, I have some things I want to improve, so I will over time. One of the things I want to add is a better project overview.