About me

Hi, I am Benedict Balzer, a computer science student based in Germany. I am part time working on web stuff for a medium sized company in Dortmund (Germany), mostly using PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS. However I am also working on automation of some tasks in different programming languages and getting trained towards system administration.

In my free time I like to develop games, which this website is mostly about. In the past I usually wrote these games in Java, but I like to experiment with HTML5 and Javascript and currently write a small-ish game in Phaser. Most of these games were rather small, written for Ludum Dare (in 48 horus) or #1GAM (in about a Month). Lately I started working on a bigger game in Unity 3D with my friend NightDreamer (visit his website) and am experimenting to (someday…) start seriously working on my dream 4X strategy game.

I’m also a pet owner of a (Dwarf) Bearded Dragon (Instagram) named Jub Jub and some ants.

Contact me

Find me on Github / Twitter or just say Hi at mail@hopps.me.