New website – New server – NEW EVERYTHING

Categories: server | Posted on Aug 4, 2014

In the first few days of my free time I’ve gone ahead and moved my stuff to a shiny new server (hosted by DigitalOcean now).

I know I said at one point I didn’t wanted to change my whole website again, but I couldn’t help it… I was not very pleased with the setup I had (Shared hosting with 100s of people on the same machine), now I am on my own little Vserver which is on it’s own not very powerful but way better than what I had set up before. It also costs about the same, so that made the decision pretty easy.

Also I once again changed the backend of the website, it’s no longer Ghost, but once again WordPress. I feel like I can better change stuff to my liking in PHP, rather than in JavaScript where I am not as familiar with.